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. Game review links: Metacritic : 65/100.

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How to play PS2 ISOs on PCSX2 emulator for PC: Download and extract the game to a folder using 7-zip (free).


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Game description: Free from his imprisonment, the Dark Master unleashes his. Download Legend of Dragoon, The (Disc 1) ISO to your computer and. dragoon on pcsx2? just downloaded my ps2 emulator i was told that the newer versions can play ps1 games but it just shows a. Have All Dragoon Spirits: 300BAD64 00FF. Wikipedia: Link. com, then you may also like other Sony Playstation 2 titles listed below.

ePSXe (Windows and Linux) - Used by: LODFan,.

fc-falcon">The Reddit branch of the global, unified community for Legend of Dragoon. 4) Open ePSXe, in the menu called "Options" will be the Cheat Codes menu item.

Download Legend of Dragoon, The (Disc 2) ISO to your computer and play it with a compatible emulator.

99 USD and features improvements such as upscaled graphics.

Jun 13, 2000 · class=" fc-falcon">Download The Legend of Dragoon (UNDUB+Bugfix) PSP Eboot ROM ID: SCUS-94491, SCUS-94584, SCUS-94585, SCUS-94586.


The Legend of Dragoon is a RPG video game published by SCEE released on January 19th, 2001 for the Sony PlayStation.