While this is a general criteria, it doesn’t cover all scenarios.

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It's very good wire.


2 offers from $769. The 6' T-posts are price at $4. .

It’s not only because of our superior American-made steel.

Worked on a fencing crew in the 70's , before and after on our ground so may know a little about it. Field Fence for Livestock Containment. .

It’s not only because of our superior American-made steel. com/ - #TheFencePros at Bekaert demonstrate the proper way to install high tensile field fence or hinge joint fence.

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Cross lock knots are ideal for any area.

Originally, the measurement was based on the number of times that steel would be pulled, or drawn, through a. Compared to low carbon fencing it installs faster, with fewer posts, and it retains its shape with less ongoing maintenance concerns.

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x 330 ft.
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Under 200 prices are a nickel more per post.

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Galvanized wire resists weathering as well as wear and tear. With a breaking load of 1,030 lbs. .

x 330 ft. . It's ashamed they won't listen. All field fence is galvanized with zinc coating for longevity. . .

x 330 ft.

To deter small animals, our field fence products feature gradual openings at the bottom of the fence- see an example fence design layout. 12-1/2 Gauge Class 1 Woven Wire Field Fence is ideal for containing livestock, keeping wild animals out, crop protection, and boundary definition.


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Many livestock owners, professional fence installers and retailers.