Bondieuserie [bohn-dyooz-ree]: banal.

Learning to write using difficult words is no easy feat. High school spelling words help students develop their mastery of the English language.

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When using these words, always pay attention to what.

Word games are fun but this word connect game is even better. De Jure - A Latin term meaning “in law. class=" fc-smoke">Aug 3, 2022 · 21.

‘Literally’ means, “in a literal sense”, or “what I’m saying is not. Share the fun with your family & friends and enjoy the best word game together! Enjoy free word puzzles and mini-word link games.



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The correct spelling of this word is “minuscule” not “miniscule” as it is commonly misspelled. .


transcendental. Apr 10, 2023 · In contrast, tricky words are difficult to spell or pronounce, or they have multiple meanings that can lead to confusion. 2.

As a follow up to our article on confusing words, here are ten of the most difficult words in English. Acquiesce /ˌækwiˈes/ is a verb that is pronounced a-kwee-es and means “to accept or agree passively, without arguing. . . fc-smoke">May 24, 2017 · Gift Article.


<span class=" fc-smoke">Jan 31, 2023 · Rural. Word Connect: Word town 2023 is an app designed to train your brain and learn new words all while having a great time.

Denizen: an occupant of a particular place.



a trinket thought to be a magical protection against evil.

Hard Words to Spell for College Students.